Boarding tips

Please be at our Info & Tickets stand in good time to validate your ticket.

The boarding begins in an organized manner a few minutes before the immersion time.

For safety reasons, to access the submarine each passenger must be able to climb up and down the vertical ladder by themselves.

The access to the interior of the submarine takes place through a hatch via a vertical ladder. Therefore we recommend comfortable shoes as well as comfortable pants or shorts.

Our staff will let you know when you can access the submarine. Locate your assigned seat by comparing your seat number on the ticket with the numbers under the portholes in the submarine.

Please stay seated throughout the trip, as all passengers will be able to enjoy the same views at some point during the Submarine Adventure.

The activity only takes about 40-45 minutes. As we do not have bathrooms aboard the submarine we advise to go to the bathroom before boarding. There are public toilets only a few metres from the boarding area.

We reserve the right to request to see the ID of children aged between 2 and 12 years of age to verify the information we have received.

For safety reasons and for the comfort of all passengers, luggage cannot be carried on board the submarine. Please note that we do not have lockers in the boarding area.

It is strictly forbidden to access the submarine with drinks and/or food.