Welcome to the Submarine

Our Submarine Golden Shark is made in Finland and specifically designed for the tourist industry. It has a capacity of 44 passengers, can dive to a maximum depth of 75 metres and navigate at a speed of 3 knots per hour.

The Golden Shark has a weight of 103 tons, an overall length (LOA) of 18 metres and a beam (width) of 4 metres, while it is powered by 6 state-of-the-art electric motors with 20 horsepower each.

These characteristics provide the submarine with great manoeuvrability. As it does not generate any type of pollution it is perfect for the navigation in the Underwater Park La Atlántida, which was specially designed for the recovery of marine life and scaled to the exact size and volume of the Golden Shark.

The 22 large portholes (11 on either side), each with a thickness of 120 millimetres, offer each passenger an excellent view of the seabed of the Underwater Park La Atlántida, which has a maximum depth of 25 metres.